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Abstract Algebra: A Comprehensive Introduction

by Professor Steven Roman

The four books

form the basis for my YouTube lecture series with the same title.

Current Status of the Series as of August 2021

Linear Algebra

Both the book and the video course in linear algebra are complete. The book is available (see below) and the video course is posted on YouTube and contains 50 videos.

Group Theory

The group theory book is complete, but I am revising it as I construct the video lectures. I hope to be finished with both by the end of 2021.

Front Matter (Preface and TOC) for Books

To view a PDF with the Preface and TOC for the books, please click on one of the links below. Note that these are subject to change.

Volume 1-Linear Algebra: Front Matter

Volume 2-Group Theory: Front Matter

Buy the E-Books

Each book in the series is offered in PDF format for $29.95 each (plus tax if you live in California). To make a purchase through PayPal, please click one of the 'Buy Now' buttons below.

Buy Vol. 1-Linear Algebra

If you have any questions, please send me an email at this same email address. Thanks.