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Modules in Mathematics is a series of independent books designed for the general college level student to gain a broad general knowledge of mathematics and its applications.

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The Bulletin of Mathematics Books and The Mathematics On-Line Bookshelf

In 1992, I began publishing a newsletter called The Bulletin of Mathematics Books, which is devoted to the dissemination of information about mathematics books and computer software of interest to mathematicians and programmers. The newsletter is published four times a year and does reviews of books and software and announces new and forthcoming books. It is supported through publisher advertising and library subscriptions. In 1997, I added a web site called The Mathematics On-Line Bookshelf.


I like to copy period art

Also, I like to build period furniture. Here are some examples, although the photography is not too good:

Newport Blockfront

Queen Anne Table

Hepplewhite Style Chest

Lamp Table


China Cabinet

Lamp Table

Coffee Table

Mixed Wood Coffee Table

This small mixed-species coffee table violates the rules of joinery but has been totally stable (no cracks at all) for over 15 years!


I love playing tennis (although I suck). Here is a picture of our 3.5 WTT team some years ago. Guess which one is me! Hint: people say I have great legs.

Glideabout Scooter

I am the inventor of the Glideabout scooter, for those of us with lower limb (foot, ankle, knee or hip) problems. As you can see from the video, you can glide along at about eye level with everyone else and take the strain off your legs. Too bad it was not received with more enthusiasm. Most people want a motor, even though this scooter glides like ice on hard surfaces with VERY LITTLE effort.