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Welcome to the Web Site of

Professor Steven Roman

Herein is an accounting of almost all of my life's work, including my:

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An Introduction to Group Theory

This is the book upon which I base my YouTube lectures. Coming soon.

An Introduction to Category Theory

I have completed a book entitled "An Introduction to Category Theory." For more information, please click here.

An Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

My book An Introduction to Discrete Mathematics, previously published by HBJ, Saunders and Brooks-Cole, is now available for textbook adoption through Innovative Textbooks. For more information, please click the 'Contact' link on the left to send me an email.

Book on Folding Knives

A Primer on Folding Knives

I have just completed a book on folding knives entitled "A Primer on Folding Knives", where I discuss folding knife anatomy, a bit of steel metallurgy (not too technical) and knife sharpening (at length). Click here for more information.

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