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A Transition to Advanced Mathematics, Version 2

by Professor Steven Roman

Important Note

This book accompanies my revised (Version 2) YouTube lecture series, consisting of 30 lectures.

Front Matter and Table of Contents for "Transition to Advanced Mathematics", Version 2

Please click HERE to download a PDF that contains the front matter (including Preface and Table of Contents) for the book.

Buy the eBook

A PDF copy of Version 2 of this book is available for $29.95 (plus tax if you live in California). You can pay through PayPal by clicking the link below. AFTER PAYING, PLEASE CLICK 'RETURN TO MERCHANT' ON THE PAYPAL WEB SITE AND YOU WILL BE TAKEN TO A PAGE WHERE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE BOOK.

Upgrading from Version 1

Those who have purchased Version 1 can upgrade to the new version (Version 2), which is more complete and contains exercises with solutions, for $9.95 (plus tax if you live in California). To upgrade, please click the Contact button at the left and send an email to me so I can verify your previous purchase.