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Object Model Browser Version 3

If you are a Microsoft Office application developer, or if you simply need to write some VBA code to automate a Microsoft Office application (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher), then Object Model Browser Version 3 will prove to be a very useful tool.

Unlike Microsoft's built-in object browser, Object Model Browser provides a structured view of an object or type library, displaying the parent-child relationship among the objects in the library in a tree-like form. In other words, unlike other object library viewers, Object Model Browser displays the object model for an object library. The figure below shows a portion of the object model for Microsoft Word 2010.

After a great many requests to update Version 2 of OMB, I finally decided to do just that. Version 3 of OMB has been totally rewritten under the .NET framework. It has several improvements over the prior version. First, version 3 shows a more realistic view of object models with multiple top objects. Second, it does not require any user customization of a model. (Version 2 has a Create Model Wizard, but this is not needed in Version 3.) Third, installation is now simply a matter of copying the files to your favorite folder and clicking on the EXE file.

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