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Windows Shortcut Manager

A utility for managing local Windows shortcuts and their hotkeys


The purpose of this utility is to manage local Windows shortcuts and their hotkey assignments. Here is the main window for the program.

A local Windows shortcut is a small file on your computer that is used to start an application or open a document. The target of the shortcut is the application or document that is opened when you invoke the shortcut.

If you are like me, you have dozens of shortcuts with hotkey assignments and it can be quite difficult to keep track of these hotkeys. Windows Shortcut Manager will show you all of your shortcuts and their hotkey assignments and allow you to change these assignments.

A hotkey can be either


Just unzip the downloaded ZIP file (link below) to a folder of your choice and double click the file rpiShortcuts.exe with the mouse to run the program. If desired, you can use the program to create its own Desktop shortcut and assign a shortcut key (such as Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S) to run the program.

The Program

The main window shows you a list of all local shortcuts in a variety of folders, specifically

You can tell the Windows Shortcut Manager which of these folders to search through the Option menu.

For each shortcut, you will see the same information that is available from Windows when you look at the properties of the shortcut file, specifically

You can tell Windows Shortcut Manager which of these items you want displayed through the Option menu.


With rpiShortcuts, you can do the following:

Download a Full-Featured 14-Day Trial Version

Download a full-featured 14-day trial version of Windows Shortcut Manager.

Ordering Information

If you like my Windows Shortcut Manager, you can buy it for $6.95. To purchase by credit card through PayPal, click the PayPal image below.

Once payment has been made, PayPal will notify me and I will e-mail you the serial number required to remove the time limitation.