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Developing Visual Basic Addins

By Steven Roman

This is an electronic version of my book Developing Visual Basic Add-ins, originally published by O'Reilly and Associates. I am distributing it as a compiled HTML (CHM) help file, with a table of contents (see below) and full-text search capability.

View a sample chapter.

I am offering Developing Visual Basic Addins for $9.95. To purchase by credit card through PayPal, click the PayPal image below. I will email the book to you (the file is about 600KB) as soon as I am able, which is generally within 24 hours of purchase.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
   The Add-In Creation Process
   The VB Extensibility Object Model
      Accessing an Object Model
      Connecting an Add-In
      Controlling the User Interface
      Controlling VB Projects 
      Controlling VB Forms
      Responding to Events in the VB IDE
      Controlling VB Code
      Controlling Add-Ins
   The Visual Basic Add-In Template

I Add-In Basics
2 The Basic Components of an Add-In
   The Add-In Project Itself
   Adding the Connect Class
   Registering an Add-In
      Referencing the VBIDE Object Library
      How the Registry is Used
   The Add-In Manager and the Add-In Toolbar
      The Add-In Manager
         The Add-In Manager Add-In Name
      The Add-In Toolbar
   Connecting an Add-In
      The OnConnection Method
      The BeginShutdown Method
      The OnStartupComplete Method
      The OnAddInsUpdate Method
      Try It Out
3 Object Models
   Collection Objects
   Object Model Hierarchies
   Object Model Syntax
   Object Variables
      The Set Statement
      The Is Operator
      Using Object Variables
      The With Statement
      An Object Variable is a Pointer
      Freeing an Object Variable-The Nothing Keyword
      Default Members
4 Menus and Toolbars
   Menus and Toolbars: An Overview
      Menu Terminology
      The CommandBar Object
      Command Bar Controls
         Popup Controls
         Button Controls
         Adding a Menu
   Menus and Toolbars: The Object Model
      The CommandBars Collection
         Creating a New Menu Bar or Toolbar
      Command Bar Controls
         Creating a New Command Bar Control
         Built-In Command Bar Control IDs
   Example: Creating a Menu
      Hooking the Menu's Click Event
      The Add-In Code Shell
   Example: A More Elaborate Menu
   Example: Creating a Toolbar
   Built-In Face IDs
5 Debugging Add-Ins
   Setting Break Points in an Add-In
      What To Do From Break Mode
   Getting Information From a Running Add-In
      Beep Codes
      Printing to the Client's Immediate Window

II The Extensibility Model 
6 Overview of the Object Model
   The VBE and Parent Properties
   Properties and Methods of the VBE Object
   VB IDE Objects
7 User Interface Objects
   The Window Object
      The Type Property
      The Windows Collection
      Window Size, Position, and State
      Linked and Docked Windows
   The CodePane Object
      The CodePanes Collection
      CodePane Properties and Methods
         The CodeModule Property
         The CodePaneView Property
         The CountOfVisibleLines Property
         The TopLine Property
         The Show Method
         The GetSelection and SetSelection Methods
   Example: Clearing the Debug Window
   Example: Scrolling a Code Pane
8 Project-Related Objects
   VB Projects
   The VBProjects Collection
      The FileName Property 
         The StartProject Property 
         The SaveAs Method
         The Add and Remove Methods
      The VBNewProjects Collection
         The AddFromFile Method
         The AddFromTemplate Method
   The VBProject Object
      The AddToolboxProgID Method
         The BuildFileName Property and the MakeCompiledFile Method
         The Name, FileName and Description Properties
         The IsDirty and the Saved Properties
         The ReadProperty and WriteProperty Methods
         The StartMode Property
         The VBComponents Property
      The References Property and Reference Objects
         The BuiltIn Property
         The FullPath Property
         The IsBroken Property
         The Major and Minor Properties
         The Name and Description Properties
      The References Collection
      The VBComponent  Object
         The Activate Method
         The CodeModule Property
         The Description Property
         The FileCount and FileNames Properties
         The IsDirty Property
         The Name Property
         The Properties Collection
         The Reload Method
         The SaveAs Method
         The Type Property
      The VBComponents Collection
         The Add and Remove Methods
         The AddFile Method
         The AddFromTemplate Method
         The StartupObject Property
   Example: Setting the Start Project 
9 Form and Control Objects
   The VBForm Object
      The SelectAll Method
         The Paste Method and the CanPaste Property
   VBControls Collections
      The Add Method
   The VBControl Object
      The ProgId and ClassName Properties
         The ContainedVBControls Property
         The Container Property
         The ControlType Property
         The InSelection Property
         The Properties Property
         The ZOrder Method
   Example: Setting Tab Stops
10 Event-Related Objects
   The CommandBarEvents Object
      The AfterAddFile Event
      The AfterChangeFileName Event
      The AfterCloseFile Event
      The AfterRemoveFile Event
      The AfterWriteFile Event
      The BeforeLoadFile Event
       The Other Events
      The ItemAdded Event
      The ItemRemoved Event
      The ItemAdded Event
      The ItemRemoved Event
      The ItemActivated Event
         The ItemAdded Event
         The Reloaded Event
         The ItemRemoved Event
         The ItemRenamed Event
         The ItemSelected Event
      The ItemAdded Event
         The ItemRemoved Event
         The ItemRenamed Event
      The ItemActivated Event
         The ItemAdded Event
         The Reloaded Event
         The ItemRemoved Event
         The ItemRenamed Event
   Experimenting with Events
11 Code-Related Objects
   The CodeModule Object
      Properties and Methods of the CodeModule Object
         Inserting, Deleting or Changing Code
         Code Statistics
         Locating Code
      Individual Members of the CodeModule Object
         The AddFromFile Method
         The AddFromString Method
         The CodePane Property
         The CountOfDeclarationLines Property
         The CountOfLines Property
         The CreateEventProc Method
         The DeleteLines Method
         The Find Method
         The InsertLines Method
         The Lines Property
         The Members Property
         The ProcBodyLine Method
         The ProcCountLines Method
         The ProcOfLine Method
         The ProcStartLine Method
         The ReplaceLine Method
   The Member Object
   Example: Pushing/Popping Prefixes
12 Add-In Related Objects
   The AddIns Collection
   The AddIn Object
      The Description Property
         The Guid and Progid Properties
         The Connect Property
   Built-In Command Bar Controls